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Shameless Appetizer for Sardegna

Two more weeks before sailing in Sardegna, found the clip on YouTube doing my research, counting down the days 🙂

Added two more books to my library for this trip. The pilot for Corsica and North Sardinia and the Rough Guide to Sardinia.

pilot-corsica-north-sardinia rough-guide-sardinia

First impressions: the Maddelena Archipelago will be beautiful and I hope we can make the crossing to Corsica from Sardinia as Bonifacio looks as a place not to be missed.

Lot of wind to be expected though, crossing the Bonifacio Strait between the islands. The well-known Venturi effect (kiting paradise) will create gale-force winds. Some people will not like it being aboard…

Just as a reminder for myself, the latest weather forecastfor sailing of Sardinia: SardegnaARPA