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Reflection #1 on La Ruta de la Sal

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Returned from La Ruta de la Sal for about 3 weeks and (finally) time to look back to the sailing race from Barcelona to Ibiza with S/Y Colombe.

First impression from the pink cloud of experiences, is about the impact of just little week of sailing on your ability to process complex questions about the purpose of life. Sailing has definitely a different impact then holidays like skiing or 3 weeks in France.

So if you ever have some challenging complex thoughts about the purpose of  sitting in the office 8 hours a day. About having a screensharing “Live Meeting” with your colleagues all over the world by phone and internet. About the why of living in a rainy climate with glasshouse grown vegetables or defrosted fresh fish. Just do some sailing!

Whether it is in Spain or along the coast of any other Mediterranean country (Carib might do as well), be gifted by the lightness of thinking!

Schopenhauer: You have to depart before you can arrive

Departure from Schiphol, Amsterdam

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The Road (not so less travelled)

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Arrival at Port Vell, Barcelona

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Colombe , our ship for the race, has it’s homebase in Port Vell in the centre of Barcelona (you can see it in the center of the picture from the plane), although sailing under Dutch flag. The old Cathedral or the Ramblas just a 5-minutes walk. Next to the harbour: Barceloneta, the former dangerous slumps of Barcelona, a good place to go out for drinks and tapas. May I recommend you the Foc bar?

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PS It is more that I would like to dedicate my most “philosophical” quote in this post to Schopenhauer. I don’t think there is anything said close to being well thought off. It is just that there was philosophical course at the University of Groningen called after him during my study. By just only subscribing to it, you got a grant of the government for an extra year studying…

Preparing Colombe

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Colombe is a classic designed Swan 441 R designed by Ron Holland and built in 1979. It has 2 main sails, 4 genua’s, a Genaker and a Spi. No fancy cabins and bedrooms inside, just a large compartment for the sails and to sleep in (although a decent toilet). A lean and mean racing machine.

Without proper preparations no racing, mind you, preparations can make the difference between winning and complete failure. In trying to capture the tension of preparing  the yacht, I attached my camera to the bow and programmed it to take a picture every 30 seconds using an interval timer. The movie is made of circa 450 pictures that have been glued together. The ground idea of this movie came form the inspiring movie Sandpit on Vimeo.

See below “Preparing Colombe” which took us in total about 5 hours. Bear in mind, a mean and lean racing machine designed and designated to win!

Preparing Colombe for the Ruta de la Sal 2010 from Ancient Coasts on Vimeo.

Next Post

So long the preparations, next post will provide you with full disclosure of the ship, the race and it’s crew. So stay tuned.

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