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Leatherman says I’m ready (part II)

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So this is the wonder tool.

After today I hope it’s fixes problems with Croatian authorities too. What would the world be without regulators? How many things people want to know about crewlists? Why always something unexpected, when does it end?

Ha ha ha, would sailing be the same without this kind of last minute stress?

Finished my sailing log

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Just finished the front page of my sailing log, wishing my weblog would also be as easy to finish. Seven days before leaving for Croatia, nine days before leaving Murter and heading for Venice. First to go to Pula with the first crew of three. Strange feeling leaving, wondering when I will be back.

Insides of the sailing log kindly provided by the Zeezeilers van Marken, if you need ever a good sailing school, just go there.

By the way, picture presents the Black Sea coast of Turkey, the village you see is Inebolu. This was our first stop after leaving Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine in 2007 (more about this sailing trip can be found here).

Kornati Archipelago

On the last day of the Creation God desired to crown His work and thus created Kornati Islands out of tears, stars and breath

George Bernard Shaw


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The largest part of my trip through the Adriatic, I will be sailing the Kornati Achipel. It is the central part of croatian Adriatic Sea, about 15 Nm to the west from Sibenik town, 7 Nm to the southwest from Murter, or 15 Nm to the south from Zadar town.

The beauty and singularity of the archipelago moved authorities in 1980 to proclaim a bigger part of that area a national park. Since then certain modifications of its borders were made, so that nowadays Kornati National Park occupies the area of about 220 km2. There are 89 islands, islets and reefs within the area of Kornati National Park (238 km of the coastline), what makes it the most indented group of islands in the Mediterranean.

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Sailing the Adriatic

From May 16 to July 31 I will be sailing the Adriatic Sea and currently I’m quite busy with all the preparations for this trip I will start sailing from Murter, Croatia (somewhere between Zadar and Split) and first go north up to Triest and Venice in Italy. Then I will return to Croatia and going down up to Dubrovnik and Montenegro. See the map below for an impression of the trip.

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For this trip I have made another site and you can find all information there and you can find information about the planning. I am still looking for crewmembers – especially experienced ones – for a very special trip (the once in a lifetime opportunity 😉 from Dubrovnik to Italy and sailing there the coastline of Puglia and then crossing the Adriatic again back to Split.

Site for sailors: crew.ancientcoasts.com

For more information see also this post. This site is in Dutch, just twitter me at ancientcoasts if you need information in English

For everything related to the trails of Herodotus and Odysseus and explore the beauty of the Middleterrean just stay close to this weblog

Ancient Places: Pula

Besides the Golden Fleece, Jason (that Jason from Jason and the Argonauts) took also the beautiful daughter of the king with him, called Medea. The Colchian people had off course to defend the honour of the king and a giant manhunt started. I think you could say the biggest manhunt in ancient times.

This quest went first across the Black Sea to the Danube, through the land currently known as Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. There they found a river going undergrounds ending in the Adriatic Sea close to Trieste (still you will be able to take this route, no myths with that). When the hunters arrived at the point of the peninsula of Istria at the end, they found it so beautiful, that they decided to halt. According to legend, they founded there Pula…

[xmlgm {http://www.ancientcoasts.com/wp-content/KML/Croatia-Pula.kmz} maptype=G_PHYSICAL_MAP;width=500;height=250;zoom=6;maptypecontrol=hide;align=center;scrollwheelzoom=disabled;continouszoom=disabled;]

When the Romans arrived in Pula around 177 BC, they put the city firmly on the map with impressive amphitheater, which still can be found today. It is the 6th largest Amphitheater of the world by the way. Remainings of the Romans can still be found in Pula, as you still have the old Forum and the Temple of Augustus (heritage of the Godenverering van keizers in de periode …).

I visited the city during my Croatian Cruisin’ in 2005. Below are some pictures I then took.

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I found my love

I have traveled oceans of time to find her, but I finally have found my sailing yacht. (Sorry, stole this opening line from one of my favorite movies: Bram Stokers’ Dracula)

First I did find a good sailingboat in the Lefkas area, agreed on price and the period to rent, and planned a trip around the Peloponnese. Unfortunately I also had to find out the meaning of an agreement and of trust used by some Greek. Off course this is inherent to the playful mind of the Greek gods and the way a good Odyssey should begin.

Luckily, I found another one in Croatia and it has been agreed on today.

It is an Elan 344, built in Slovenia, has 3 cabins and a young one, still in the spring of her life as she is from 2006.

From May 16 until July 31 I will be sailing the Adriatic Sea, I have started looking for my crew and to plan my route

For more pictures, please have a look at my Picasa Album