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Day 2: Snow & Mountains changing into Sun & Sea

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Awakening in a snowy, cloudy Austria

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Took a break for a highway espresso

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Settled for  Sea & Sun in Murter, Croatia


Left early today, as in Gasthof Gruber was not much party going on. After an hour or so in Slovenia for a total rip-off of EUR 35 for a road vignette. That amount would be fair if a) the roads are in good condition and b) you will make a fair mileage in that country. After an hour left the country so not much more to tell about Slovnia. In Croatia the weather improved finally. From a mediocre 12o C in Autria to a very fair and nice 25 degrees. Highland of Croatia so beautifull, as were the first views of the Adriatic Sea (Ta Thalatta, Ta Thalatta, Ta Thalatta, I was crying out aloud).

Before leaving the highway I though to go for some more fuel. Unfortunately my fuel cap seems to have broken somewhere among the road (probably due to the bad condition of the Slovenian roads!). So with the last drop of fuel I was able to reach the Sun & Sea. I have to admit I did not really enjoy the last miles among the coastline of Croatia in the sun looking out over the sea to the Kornati Islands. Certainly not when I found out that TomTom had sent me to the wrong village to take a ferry that didn’t exist anymore…

Route Analysis

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First the route, later the analyis 😛

Day I – Tchüß from Gasthof Gruber

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Today I took off as one would expect on day 1. Drove about 1,000 km, from Amsterdam to Gasthof Gruber, Wald am Schoberpaß, Austria. I’m afraid you cannot call this place a real metropole, times have stood still as you might see from the daily picture of today (or better todays triptique)

Always nice when you leave for sun and sea but first you have to pass mountains and snow. Trip could have been slightly better. The German roads are certainly not the best when its raining, and it was raining all day. No visibility at all and some aquaplanning. Took the A3 but lot of road blocks due to maintenance.

Need to sharpen my blogging workflow. Forgot the USB cable in my Saab 900 T16S so I cannot upload the GPS data for some geomapping.

But targets met, sleeping in Austria tonight.