Sneak Preview: Sailing from Split to Dubrovnik

Part of the trip Adriatica 2009 was sailing from Split to Dubrovnik.

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The zipped KML file to be opened in Google Earth can be found here.

In between I visited the islands like Hvar, Vis, Korcula and Sipan before arriving in Dubrovnik. Later more on the different places and bays I have found during the trip. The places I liked most were the Island Vis and Sipan.

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The first I liked because of it’s unspoiledness for which it is well known and popular. Originally the island was forbidden military territory during the reign of Yugoslavia. For this reason you will not find any of those ugly concrete resorts on this island often build in the 70 and 80s.

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Sipan is one of the Elephati Islands an group of islands very close to Dubrovnik. I didn’t expect anything, it was just the last stop before Dubrovnik, so the surprise was even bigger. The name of the islands “Elephati” was originally derived from the ancient greek word for “deers” (Εληφατος). Curiously enough, not one deer can be found anymore on all those islands.

The week ended with the arrival in Dubrovnik, the most southern point of my Adriatic Tour. Next year I would like to go further south to Montenegro and maybe even to Albania.

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About 4 nautical Miles behind the bridge, you will find the ACI Marina of Dubrovnik, the most luxurious Marina exisiting in the Adriatic.

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