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Ancient Places: Pula

Besides the Golden Fleece, Jason (that Jason from Jason and the Argonauts) took also the beautiful daughter of the king with him, called Medea. The Colchian people had off course to defend the honour of the king and a giant manhunt started. I think you could say the biggest manhunt in ancient times.

This quest went first across the Black Sea to the Danube, through the land currently known as Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. There they found a river going undergrounds ending in the Adriatic Sea close to Trieste (still you will be able to take this route, no myths with that). When the hunters arrived at the point of the peninsula of Istria at the end, they found it so beautiful, that they decided to halt. According to legend, they founded there Pula…

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When the Romans arrived in Pula around 177 BC, they put the city firmly on the map with impressive amphitheater, which still can be found today. It is the 6th largest Amphitheater of the world by the way. Remainings of the Romans can still be found in Pula, as you still have the old Forum and the Temple of Augustus (heritage of the Godenverering van keizers in de periode …).

I visited the city during my Croatian Cruisin’ in 2005. Below are some pictures I then took.

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Ancient Places: An introduction

One of the things I would like to post about are the Ancient Places around the Middle Sea.

These places are just the places were I would like to say something about. Maybe because they changed the course of history, or just didn’t, maybe something funny happened around there or found a beautiful picture of it, but most likely I would just love to sail there :-).

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If for instance the post would write about Tarsos, I would write some trivia, show some photos and would put some links to other sites were you could find more information about it. I guess I will always link to Wikipedia, because I have no intention to write anything usefull. If by accident a reader would feel a sudden urge to know everything about that place, his needs will be served easily.

Later on I hope to integrate these places with Google Maps / Earth in with some kind of interactivity. The clear vision how exactly I could implement that, is just lacking me at this moment.


In a month or so I will be going to Levkas for a week of sailing. About 4 years ago I went there for the first time. It is just so amazing, feeling the history blend into your veins (I like exaggerating).

My idea is to start my trip next year there and from there going to Korfu, Italy, Sicily etc. I hope I don’t buy a boat accidentally. Then I will have to start my trip immediately….

Herewith some photo’s of 2004: