Scoop: Adriatic Dolphin Family

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Scoop of the day is the visit of three generations of dolphins to our boat.

It was very close to the island Hvar on the line of the village Jagodni Bd and the islands Hridi Lukavei and they were with about 10-15 of them. I clearly recognized the grandparents and the youngers. The first because of their grace, the last because their playing with the boat, closely guarded by their parents.

Never saw so many dolphins together in the Adriatic Sea. Really hope this will only become more normal with the current efforts for the environment.

One thought on “Scoop: Adriatic Dolphin Family

  1. Michiel


    wat een waanzinnige reis ben je aan het maken!
    geniet ervan, doe mij ff een belletje als je terug bent

    Michiel Zonnevijlle


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