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Leatherman says I’m ready

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How cool is that. Bought a gadget and when it arrives you know you are ready.

It is something that everyone says you have to have that when going sailing (and fishing, hiking and any other kind of MacGyvering).

And when it arrives it says I am ready. Well what a timing, one more day to go and I really needed that confirmation 🙂

Tomorrow to open the package…

Sailing from Frikes to Vathi


Frikes, the nice cosy little city on Nisos Ithaca. Ithaca, for me an island I can’t compare to one else. The connection with Homer, Odyssey and all places found on the island mentioned in the saga. An island with so many mythical and historical associations, amazing!

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After our croissant and coffee at the local café, we had time to walk around for a quick impression. Frikes is nice place set at the bottom of a steep and wooded valley. The village is of comparatively recent origin as villages were not commonly built by the sea prior to the 18th and 19th centuries because of risk of pirate attacks (it was called Little Somalia at that time). In fact the name of the village may be derived from the pirate Frikon who used it as a base according to some local sources.

The village consists of several tavernas, it has a small supermarket and there a still some ruins of old windmills. These can be seen from the sea and are good landmarks. There is supply of water on the quay and for non-sailors there is a connection with Vassiliki through a ferry.

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One thing you have to know of the harbour of Frikes is that 2 – 4 times a day a giant swell passes by. This wave is caused by a large ferry which passes miles away. I saw this day several ships heavily damaged by the force of this wave.

The Route

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Finished my sailing log

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Just finished the front page of my sailing log, wishing my weblog would also be as easy to finish. Seven days before leaving for Croatia, nine days before leaving Murter and heading for Venice. First to go to Pula with the first crew of three. Strange feeling leaving, wondering when I will be back.

Insides of the sailing log kindly provided by the Zeezeilers van Marken, if you need ever a good sailing school, just go there.

By the way, picture presents the Black Sea coast of Turkey, the village you see is Inebolu. This was our first stop after leaving Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine in 2007 (more about this sailing trip can be found here).

Sail Blogging Rehearsal #1: Queensday 2009

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April 30th was an excellent day for trying to improve my geotagging skills.

It is Queensday in the Netherlands on that day. Basically what it means is that all what you do is having some drinks with friends on the canals of Amsterdam and have a look at the others. Some boats have DJ’s while some have complete bands on the boat (it is just as in real life all about having the biggest).

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