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Shopping at Dekker Watersport

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Did some excellent shopping at Dekker Watersport yesterday.

Bought more gadgets for my sailing adventure. Things for safety like an extra lifejacket and a lifesling and stuff you just need for sailing like a converter (12 to 220 volt), a head-led, a dry bag of 10 litres and two sea rail bags – just to prevent it gets such a mess in the cockpit.

One thing I couldn’t decide on is the BBQ, never sail the Adriatic without one. Besides the price I have to get used to,  I still don’t know if I should buy a gas lit BBQ or just one with coals. Anyone suggestions?

Sailing to Venice

In the Yachting World of this month is an article on Sailing to Venice. A guy thought it was his most magical sailing moment of his life. If this true I will have on June 6 my most magical moment. How to cope with something like that?

Yachting World of March 2006

Yachting World of March 2009

Preview article

Preview of the article

The full Yachting World article, click to download (please note size is about 3.1 Mb):
Yachting World article in PDF

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Single handed Training IJsselmeer

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Eastern weekend this year was an excellent three days of sailing. It was a training on the IJsselmeer as a preparation of An Adriatic 2009, my tour in the Adriatic Sea. Together with Anne, the trainer of the Zeilvaardigheidscentrum Lelystad, we circumsailed the IJsselmeer in 3 days.

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Next Challenge: Ulysses by James Joyce

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Bought some books today (and went to Thijssen directly after to grab a coffee). I went only to buy some books to learn a little bit of the Italian and Croatian language. Off course I bought far to many books. One of them Ulysses from James Joyce.

I thought if I do refer my site to the trails of Odysseus, I am almost obliged to read the contemporary version of Homers saga (sigh).

Besides James Joyce loved the Adriatic Sea and lived for years in Trieste.