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Tim Severin and his amazing journeys

About 2 years ago I found my new hero: Tim Severin

Tim Severin and Medea

Tim Severin and Medea in Colchis, hailed as a king after succeeding his Quest for the Golden Fleece

How did that come? As preparation of my different sailing journeys I always like to research the region of the sail trip. So when we were planning to sail cross the Black Sea in 2007, I immediately dived into the deep holes of the Internet, did research on countries like the Crimea, Turkey, Bulgaria and Georgia. I read  about everything related to the myths and the epic stories of the Amazons, the Scythians and other figures greater then life.

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And somewhere, I can’t remember exactly where anymore, in a very small footnote some crazy guy was mentioned who made a trip around 1985 in this area. So I Googled a little bit around and found out that he was called Tim Severin and he made a trip similar of that of Jason and the Argonauts some 3,500 years before and bought his books on eBay.

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Change of Plans

Suddenly, I had the plan to migrate my weblog to another server…

And while dreaming how fast my weblog would be then, I started making more plans. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a nice fading color as background of my posts… And I started looking at other sites and more and more ideas came alive and my wishlist for becoming a really, truly beautiful site became bigger and bigger. Combining all the nice things of other weblogs, heaving a clean CSS sheet etc. etc.

So now I am already hacking for a week or so CSS and it is growing far too big. While I should do my research on the best places of the Middle Sea and writing posts about it, I write things like:

#content .div li lu lo la {
   font: xx-larg
   etcetera: dream-eat-live-and-keep-the-flow


So I hope to be back in a month or so with an excellent site, meanwhile I will post on this soon to be better designed site.