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Finished my sailing log

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Just finished the front page of my sailing log, wishing my weblog would also be as easy to finish. Seven days before leaving for Croatia, nine days before leaving Murter and heading for Venice. First to go to Pula with the first crew of three. Strange feeling leaving, wondering when I will be back.

Insides of the sailing log kindly provided by the Zeezeilers van Marken, if you need ever a good sailing school, just go there.

By the way, picture presents the Black Sea coast of Turkey, the village you see is Inebolu. This was our first stop after leaving Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine in 2007 (more about this sailing trip can be found here).

Ancient Places: An introduction

One of the things I would like to post about are the Ancient Places around the Middle Sea.

These places are just the places were I would like to say something about. Maybe because they changed the course of history, or just didn’t, maybe something funny happened around there or found a beautiful picture of it, but most likely I would just love to sail there :-).

[xmlgm {http://www.ancientcoasts.com/wp-content/KML/tarsus.kml} maptype=G_PHYSICAL_MAP;width=500;height=200;zoom=6;maptypecontrol=hide;align=center;scrollwheelzoom=disabled;continouszoom=disabled;]

If for instance the post would write about Tarsos, I would write some trivia, show some photos and would put some links to other sites were you could find more information about it. I guess I will always link to Wikipedia, because I have no intention to write anything usefull. If by accident a reader would feel a sudden urge to know everything about that place, his needs will be served easily.

Later on I hope to integrate these places with Google Maps / Earth in AncientCoasts.com with some kind of interactivity. The clear vision how exactly I could implement that, is just lacking me at this moment.