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Introducing guestwriters: Le Patron & Muppet

After about a month of blogging, I am surprised by the the success and the warm reactions of my reader. Knowing that I do have my duties to my oath of finding my Holy Grail, I needed some help to keep satisfying my readers with this weblog. Two of my closest friend quickly offered their help: Muppet and Le Patron.

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Muppet is quite some guy with technology. He has a fine nose for finding the newest technology beyond the phase of nice to have only now it should work. He is the leading force behind finding plug-ins for this weblog (especially the Google Maps integration wasn’t possible without his help). And for my trip to Levkas I asked him to find me a decent and not to expensive GPS. After my trip he was able geocode my Nikon RAW files in an evening and that was the moment I thought he could contribute to this site. His first post will be about how he did that.

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When Le Patron heard about this, he immediately offered his help. Well, in normal circumstances I am quite able to say no. But you have to know he is the little king of the kitchen. And little kings of kitchens can have quite large knifes. So after some convincing arguments of Le Patron, I am proud to introduce him as a guest writer. His specialisation is the “Optimisation of Life Enjoyment” (OLE) and will post about the Wining and Dining of life. He has quite a attitude and is a sensitive guy so please don’t comment to harsh on his writings… I wouldn’t survive the second knife.

So long the introduction, next post of me will be about the first day of sailing the Ionian Sea.