Hiswa Surprise

Yesterday I went to the “Hiswa te water” – they claim to be the largest boat show of Europe. Although my original plan was just picking up some stuff and have a quick look on the sailing yachts to continue my dreaming, some people have just all the luck…

Brunel/Sunergy Teaser

Within 15 minutes after entrance I was invited for sailing on the Brunel/Sunergy with Hans Bouscholte as the Skipper.

For the people unknown to these names, this combination (ship and skipper) took part in the first leg of the “The Whitbread Round The World Race” (currently known as the “Volvo Oceanrace”) in 1997-1998.

This yacht race is one of the heaviest challenges in the sailing world and takes place every 3 year. It consists of 9 legs around the world with over 30,000 Miles to sail in around 8 months. The conditions are spartan where the shit literally hits the ceiling (this is at least the information presented to me by a trustworthy source). Temperatures vary in this race from minus 2 degrees Celsius in the Southern Ocean to around 40+ degrees, waves of over 30m and winds over 60 knots (or no wind at all, and that will make the racer crazy!). Is it typical to humankind that people are dying to do this almost on a voluntary basis? Does this behaviour also happen within other species?

It is the speed I needAnyway, I was invited on board and sailed a leg outside the IJmuiden Marina and the speed and feeling is amazing! With around 20 knots of wind the yacht easily gets a speed of 12 knots under normail sails. Imagine the speed under full sail. The top speed Hans Bouscholte told, was 36 knots in the Gulf of Biskaje when surfing the waves with ruime wind.

Everyone was able to take the helm and well… uhm, now I have sailed the Brunel/Sunergy, well, uhm, er, I think I can sail the Volvo Oceanrace 🙂

All in all a great experience and luckily I did have a camera with me (although I would have preferred my Nikon) and below my pictures.

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