CWO II After a week of heavy sailing, no sun and only wind above 6 Bft, and – most important – a team of six people truly gifted with the spirit of sailing, I am now officially capable of sailing the wide seas.

I am now able to conquer the winds and oceans, I have been a toy of the Gods in a small boat in a large pond of water, I have seen gales predestined to crush, but say no more, I have my pink sheet of paper…

But seriously, what did remain from this sailing trip across the Wadden Sea is the will to sail the Middle Sea. Sailing from island to island in unity with nature is a feeling I cannot describe. What I can say that it’ s just able to provide you with so much pleasure. From seeing an Island slowly diminishing when sailing away, good memories remaining, to discovering the contours of the next island, wondering where the small bay or harbour will be you will have to go to and the mystery of a new place… And all this with the wind blowing through your hairs and the sun all around.

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