“The Middle Sea” by John Julius Norwich

The Middle Sea by John Julius NorwichCurrently reading the epos of John Julius Norwich about the history of the Mediterranean (over 700 pages). The first readings made me clear that this could be a very promising book for me. It starts ca. 1,500 BC with a short description of civilizations prior to the Greek (Mycenaean, Minoan). Then quickly jumps to the bloody wars of the Greeks with the Persians. Lot of historic information about the place I would love to sail (Corfu: 670 BC the first naval war as known to mankind).

This book makes me wonder if it would be possible to enter all these historic information in to a Google Earth-file and then include that in my ancientcoasts.com website. This map should then also include all the relevant information already available on the Internet…. Would make me some kind of publisher… Would that provide me with the money I need to buy a sail yacht?

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