Ancient Places: An introduction

One of the things I would like to post about are the Ancient Places around the Middle Sea.

These places are just the places were I would like to say something about. Maybe because they changed the course of history, or just didn’t, maybe something funny happened around there or found a beautiful picture of it, but most likely I would just love to sail there :-).

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If for instance the post would write about Tarsos, I would write some trivia, show some photos and would put some links to other sites were you could find more information about it. I guess I will always link to Wikipedia, because I have no intention to write anything usefull. If by accident a reader would feel a sudden urge to know everything about that place, his needs will be served easily.

Later on I hope to integrate these places with Google Maps / Earth in with some kind of interactivity. The clear vision how exactly I could implement that, is just lacking me at this moment.

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