Sailing to Venice

In the Yachting World of this month is an article on Sailing to Venice. A guy thought it was his most magical sailing moment of his life. If this true I will have on June 6 my most magical moment. How to cope with something like that?

Yachting World of March 2006

Yachting World of March 2009

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Preview of the article

The full Yachting World article, click to download (please note size is about 3.1 Mb):
Yachting World article in PDF

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2 thoughts on “Sailing to Venice

  1. herald

    Hee Hans, jeetje dat klinkt allemaal heel tof. Ik heb een beetje de wind daar in de gaten gehouden via windguru en volgens mij heb je al veel weersomstandigheden meegemaakt. Maw de crew is al op de proef gesteld en nu is er dus sfeer! 🙂 Succes verder en ik blijf je/jullie volgen. Groets Herald

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