This weblog is about sailing Ancient Coasts.

More specific this site is about sailing the coastline of the Middle and Black Sea. It is about travelling the coasts with strong links to the birth of Western culture and society (read Greek, Roman, Ottoman, Scyths, Amazons, Argonauts, Gods etc.). This exploring can be done in many ways, I just prefer to sail.

Black Sea 2007

It all started around 2002 by sailing from Greece to Turkey and I found it rather enjoyable this way of travelling. I always had some interest in internet, history and photography and it turned out that these three could be easily combined with the sailing.

This resulted first in several websites. The websites – or my mini-sites as I like to call them – shown on this page are some results of the sailing trips I was able to make. This trips were so inspiring for me – secretly and unconsciously – that the dream has been born to sail in this area for several months if not for the rest of my life.

Lycean Coast 2006

In those dreams I sailed from Levkas to Italy, Sicily, Tunesia and back via Malta to the the Greek Islands again, all places Odysseus has been. After that I thought about sailing from Greece to Istanbul along the Greek and Turkish coastlines and maybe even via the Levant to Egypt, like Herodotus has travelled and written about. But in another dream I sailed the Adriatic Sea. From Croatia along the coastline to Venice and then back following the Italian Coast and then after seeing the beautiful cities of Puglia along the coast, crossing the Adriatic to Dubrovnik and visit Montenegro…  Sailing ancient cities like Split, Pula, Trieste, Venezia, Vieste, Monopoli, Kotor, Hvar.

Unfortunately I am not such a good dreamer…

Croatian Cruisin' 2005

So I decided to rent a sailing boat for three months and just check it out. So from May until August 2009 I have sailed first from Murter in Croatia to Venice and then back via Dubrovnik, the most southern city of Croatia.

This weblog is about my preparations to this sailing trip, the sailing itself and hopefully many more more trips. I hope to be able to dig up the beauty of those countries and cultures around the Mediterranean Sea and try showing it in this weblog with photographs, stories, historic backgrounds.

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  1. Olivier


    Ik was de communicatie even kwijt, maar de updtaes komen weer automatisch nu als het goed is. Waanzinnig om te lezen waar je mee bezig bent, en moet erg lachen om de day at the office foto’s. It brings back memories. Geniet ervan en doe de groeten aan BORA.


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